Stay warm!
Above: El Conquistador, Trinidad & Reyna
Three of Tesoro de Oro's crias
Evita of BrookView: Born on 7-11-11, she's the daughter of Galileo and Tesoro's mother, Jasmine, both champions, and a full sister to our ribbon winning, Bella.  She could be Bella's twin!     AFD 17.1  SD 4.2 
CV 24.3  %30> 0.7

  • El Conquistador: Born on 9-02-11, this boy was such a wonderful surprise that it took my breath away.  His Mom, Kiss Me Kate, is a dark silver grey female and his father, Tesoro , a medium fawn.  So, when I found this wonderful ROSE GREY  boy waiting for me when I went to the barn, I was thrilled!   I'm even more thrilled with his histogram.....
  • AFD 16.9,  SD 4.4, CV 26.1, AND %> 1.4.  That's great for any alpaca but out of this world for a rose gray!

BrookView's Trinidad:   born on 7-25-11, he's the son of Nova's Star of the North and Tesoro de Oro. His bloodlines are from some of the top alpacas in the US, and he is proof of what a breeding like this    can accomplish.  He is fabulous!   JUST LOOK AT
AFD 14.7, SD 3.2, CV 22
AND %>30...0.4 
Dorita de Oro: born on 6-6-11, she's the daughter of Tesoro de Oro and Gabrielle Rose, and the granddaughter of Galileo.  WOW - WOW. Histogram shows a micron count of  17, SD 3.9,  CD 22.8 and >%30 0.9

Last year we had six wonderful new additions to our herd.  Two out of Galileo and four from Tesoro de Oro.
Now their histograms are in and it's time to do some bragging.  These crias demonstrate the
results you can achieve with our wonderful herdsires! 
Every one of them has a fiber diameter under 20 with extremely high comfort factors.
Augustino: born on 6-11-11, this boy is the daughter of our Sunset Serenade (Sara) and Galileo.  He is white, like his father, with very nice fiber and conformation. Micron 19.4, SD 4.3, CV 22.2 and >%30  1.5
BrookView's Reyna: Born on 6-20-11, this dark brown female is a Tesoro daughter, out of Maplebrook Sharita.  With lovely conformation  and very fine fiber AFD 18.4,
SD 4.7, CV 25.3
and %>30...1.4
Above:  All grown up.   Right, Last year as a cria
All grown up
All grown up