Hi, I'm...

Everyone loves me a lot!  You see, I'm the gentleman of the herd. 
I am kind to all of the other alpacas, no matter what. 
So they use me to accompany some of them when they are transported between farms, or to keep others company if
they would be alone for some reason. 

I also like to take walks and I stand so nice when they
come to put on my halter that they come to me first. 
I even was in the Fourth of July paradefor many years. 
My folks say that I'm a very valuable asset, even if I'm what's called "pet quality," and this year they are planning to make
some special socks out of my fiber!

Hi, I'm...

I live at BrookView Alpaca Ranch, but I am not owned by the Briggs! My folks are Romie and Joanie Schultz, and they live
just down the road, about four miles from here.

I get to do almost everything that Hercules does and sometimes even more!  I got to go to the Minnesota State Fair
and they left Hercules home with the girls, while I went with Benny.  Everyone stopped to see me.
They really thought I was cute, you see! 

This is my Dad, Romie Schultz!

He's the summer "ranch hand" around here (and very good friend of the family!) and makes sure we are all safe!
We all sure do love him and pretty soon he'll go to Arizona
and we'll all miss him so much!!

Joanie (my "mom") is going to have a
sweater made from my fiber this year!
          SUNDANCE                           ROMIE SCHULTZ, OUR WONDERFUL FRIEND               HERCULES                              BENNY
  Pictured above are the first alpacas at BrookView.  These alpacas, and our good friend, romie,  helped  us learn the basics and
then were a big part of our family as our business grew.  They are now a part of our "bachlor barn" and live happily with the
other boys.  But we know we can always count on them for use at parades or for special circumstances, such as
traveling companions for others that we are transporting.  They are a wonderful group of boys!
Those alpacas that won't be used for breeding are
offered for sale as "Pet Alpacas".  Some farms refer to them as "Fiber Animals", since their fiber is very nice and can be used by spinners to make beautiful things. 
Alpacas Available for Sale. 
Prices are determined
by the quality of their fleece and awards taken.
Alonzo *half Accoyo   $750
Amadeus    $750
Bennynot for sale
Casper *possible herdsire)        $1500
Dandy $750
Deonte        $750
Don de Dios 
Estaban possible herdsire $1500
Flash   (multiple awards) poss herd   $1500
Lucky (1st place winner) poss herd   $1500
Hercules    not for sale
Lord Byron        not for sale
Snowy Shadow                 $750
Stedman    $500
Spooky                    $500
Sundance                 not for sale